Sunday, November 2, 2008

the current situation

SPOILERS if you haven't watched all of Season 4 Part 1.

Known Cylon models

# 1 Number One (aka Brother Cavil)
# 2 Number Two (aka Leoben Conoy)
# 3 Number Three (aka D'Anna Biers)
# 4 Number Four (aka Simon)
# 5 Number Five (aka Aaron Doral)
# 6 Number Six (aka Caprica Six / Head Six / Shelley Godfrey /Gina Inviere/ Natalie)

# 8 Number Eight (aka Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii/Lt. Sharon "Athena" Agathon)

Known "other kind of Cylon" - Cylons in the Final Five

* Sam Anders
* Galen Tyrol
* Tory (President's Aide)
* Colonel Tigh

One Will Be Revealed - the Final Cylon - (in my opinion)

* Zak Adama

(D'Anna says the final Cylon is "not in the fleet".)

Others with Special Powers

* Starbuck (visions) - and apparently back from the dead, along with her ship
* President Roslin (visions, shared dreams)
* Hera (probably shared dreams)
* Cylon ship Hybrids (prophecies)

* (possibly) various human priests and oracles (prophecies)

Battlestar Galactica will return in Canada on Space channel January 16, 2009 (Season 4.5 / Season 4 Part 2). These are the final episodes.

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adioz said...

hey man check this out regarding zak adama as the final cylon:

notice zak seems to reappear in the final 3 episodes? that's really interesting.