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Battlestar Galactica 4x11


Prophecy is tricky.

So far I'm doing ok.

one guesses that something like most of the humans left to form the 12 colonies, and most of the Kobol Cylons left to form the 13th colony (Earth)

the Cylords of Kobol? - December 23, 2008

Prophecy... correct.

So we have to wonder, is resurrection possible beyond the ships?
Is resurrection possible for everyone?

There's this problem of Kara.
Her ship clearly exploded.

Was she resurrected on Earth, or in some other Earth-built resurrection centre?

resurrection beyond the resurrection ships? - January 6, 2009

Prophecy... correct.

The Final Five, including Zak Adama, await on Earth

who is the puppet master? - April 28, 2008

Prophecy... wait a second, Ellen Tigh is a Cylon? What the frak?

UPDATE: You can now get your very own Ellen Tigh tshirt. A tigh-in, if you like. ENDUPDATE

Ok, so new mystery: Dee's suicide.
It looked like she found a locket on the beach (along with some jacks), and that made her go crazy. Either
1) The prospect of endless death destroyed her
2) The people in the locket were her ?parents? ?grandparents? and she thought she was the 5th Cylon

Which brings us to the key question: We know the resurrection technology worked for Ellen, and for Kara, and presumably for Chief Tyrol, Colonel Tigh, and Sam Anders.

So either it was just 5 of them who build a sekrit resurrection machine that now resurrects anyone in range (which, you will note, means Dualla will be resurrected),
or it may be broader than that. There were probably billions of Cylons on Earth 2000 years ago when it was destroyed by nukes. Were... ALL of them resurrected? Does their technology resurrect anyone, who dies anywhere? IS ZAK ADAMA RESURRECTED?

Just to recap:
* Baltar's visions: status unknown
* Caprica Six's pregnancy: apparently everyone has forgotten about it
* Kara: definitely resurrected
* Dualla: maybe resurrected
* Zak Adama: maybe resurrected?
* Final Cylon: Ellen Tigh (WTF?) - and maybe resurrected
* puppet masters: status unknown
* Earth nukers: status unknown

So we need to find out:
* what happened to Earth (presumably endless Final Five Flashbacks are Forthcoming)
* what the 5 have been doing for the last 2000 years
* who "uplifted" the 12 Colonies Cylons to have humanoid bodies and a belief in One God (unless they uplifted themselves)
- there is clearly SOME connection to the 5, what with Deanna's vision and the fighters recognizing Sam Anders - did the Five do the uplift? Are there Others?
* what is the extent and nature of the remaining resurrection technology
- clearly someone or something not only resurrected Kara, but also gave her a new and identical ship... some kind of robotic resurrection along with biological?
* Does Cavil know more about the Final Five and the history of the new Cylons than he's letting on? He is model #1, after all.

I still prophecy we will end up with a mix of "all this has happened before, all this will happen again" and Grand Cylon-Human Unification Theory. The Five, trying to break the cycle of war, trying to build a sustainable peace for humanoid Cylons, robotic Cylons, and humans.

And I still want to see Zak Adama.

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