Tuesday, January 6, 2009

resurrection beyond the resurrection ships?

So someone built all this resurrection ship technology.
Presumably the Kobol-Earth Cylons.

So we have to wonder, is resurrection possible beyond the ships?
Is resurrection possible for everyone?

There's this problem of Kara.
Her ship clearly exploded.

Was she resurrected on Earth, or in some other Earth-built resurrection centre?
When Zak died, did he wake up in the same place?

Can only new Cylons be resurrected?
Or Kobol-Earth Cylons (the final five) as well?
Or half-Cylons (Hera, maybe Kara) as well?

Or... and this would be interesting... can ALL humans be resurrected?
Maybe the billions from the 12 Colonies are not so dead after all, just awaiting a Cylon-Human reconcilation? (This latter scenario seems unlikely, as the signs seem to point to an "End of Humanity" future of Cylon-Humans like Hera.)

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