Friday, February 20, 2009

Battlestar Galactica 4x16 - little good came of it


Not much out of this badly written and rather wildly acted episode.

Baltar's angel likes big guns. Rather muscular monotheism, that.

Saul was... born... much like Zak... who gets a mention at the end of the episode.
Thanks Saul!

Sam Anders, one can speculate, had downloaded into Liam, and uploaded back into his own brain when Liam passed. Rather unexpected.

Cylon-Cylon babies apparently have a lovemeter and god help you if it is pointing at unloved.

Ellen, very calm and composed on the base ship, kinda freaky harridan back on Galactica.

And we got hammered over the head with blended this and blended that.
All shall be blended! Hera blend is the future!

Only four left. Hopefully they will be better than this one.

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