Sunday, February 8, 2009

remembering the mysteries

Ron Moore has been busy distracting us from the core mysteries of the show, so let's remember them:

* What is the nature of the final five, what do they know? What have they been doing? Why are they important?
* What is the secret of the Opera House and Hera? How are Baltar and Six involved with the Opera House?
* How did Kara's ship explode in some sort of vortex in the middle of space, end up far away on Earth, and how did she return alive in a new ship?

The past couple episodes have been a deliberate focus away from these issues, to an extent that stretches credulity

- the final five is a big deal, and then all of a sudden everyone's all "oh, yeah, we know who they all are, probably they'll get thrown out an airlock, whatever".
- Athena kills a Six who merely bends down to talk to Hera, but is then fine with a different Six holding Hera as they're running around the ship in mortal danger
- One Will Be Revealed... and then it's Ellen and... no one cares? (Some of my fellow theorisers remain convinced it's NOT Ellen.)

So in the remaining six episodes, one would hope some of these issues get resolved.
I assume it is going to involve a whole lot of resurrection, a visit from Zak Adama, and Much Ado about various combinations of humans and Cylons having babies.

It goes something like this:
1. Human vs. Cylon war on Kobol
2. Kobol-Cylon vs. roboto Earth-Cylon war on Earth
3. "All this has happened before, all this will happen again"
4. Kobol-Earth Final Five Cylons are First Five, try to create a new race of humanoid Cylons that won't repeat their mistakes, based on a set of design decisions:
- rather than allowing full reproduction and diversity (as we saw on Earth), there are instead just 7 models, which embody different aspects of the human personality. This limited, balanced set of models will presumably be less likely to turn on one another, since they won't attack either their own models or their six fellow-models
- instead of violent gods of war and the rest of the pantheon, they give them a single, unifying religion of one god of love
- they program them to be unable to reproduce unless they feel true love

Unfortunately for the Kobol-Earth First/Final Five Plan

5. "All this has happened before, all this will happen again" so the 7 attack the colonies anyway
6. And then the Colonies Cylons break into civil warring factions anyway
7. So all that remains as the hope of stopping the cycle is to find a final peace between the Cylon factions, and reunify the three broken strands of human, Kobol-Cylon and Colonies-Cylon... and the children shall lead them.
8. This is important because resurrection can apply to anyone, so without peace, the future would instead just hold an endless battle of the resurrected.

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