Friday, February 27, 2009

Battlestar Galactica 4x17


A good episode, but Ron Moore is running out of time.

Confrontation with Cavil coming.
We're still behind the schedule I anticipated - I thought it would be

4x17 - battle with Cavil
4x18 - more battle with Cavil

Boomer revealed as possibly very bad lady. Cavil we already knew was a very bad robot.

Kara Thrace - chain with ring and dog tag...
where was she for two months?

Dreams of Her Father - Dreilide Thrace - was he Model 7 Daniel? Or was he one of the Others, the Puppet Masters... whomever is sending visions of angels. Ancients? Gods? Beings of Light? 14th Tribe?

My personal opinion continues that he was NOT Daniel.

Hera & Roslin connected
Hera & Starbuck connected
Hera & the First Five connected

See a common element?

Hera knows the song that called the Four... it wasn't completely clear if this was Kara's childhood song but was certainly implied.

In the (paraphrased) words of Ellen: someone is manipulating them all.

Also: Zak Adama is a Cylon.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention one good theme, the theme of loss... remember we're all going to lose Galactica soon. The ship slowly coming apart at the seams, Kara's loss of Sam and her father, the Cylons and Humans lost home, the loss of Hera... one of the things when you come to the end of a series is to try to recognize that loss, the end of our collective experience.

UPDATE #2: We had heard a long time ago about Cylon "projection", when Baltar was on the Baseship and was saying something about it being rather dull, one of them told him something like the Cylons just projected and imagined themselves walking through a forest. This was the first time we saw a Cylon project to another Cylon though. It was also clear that it didn't require physical contact - Tyrol and Boomer were separated by glass. That ability is reminiscent in kind, if not in extent, to the visions that Baltar has of Six and (possibly) the vision that Kara Thrace was having of her father. Is there a Ghost in the Machine? Are they seeing remote projections?

UPDATE 2009-02-28: I should mention that in the webisodes when the 8 was checking the Raptor's computers, she also referred to this as projection - and one can assume the baseship computer interface technology is similar.

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